We started this magazine to serve as a safe space for Amherst College community members to express how sexual harassment, assault, rape, stalking, cyber-disrespect, and emotional and relationship abuse have impacted their lives.

We hope to make the larger Amherst community conscious of the prevalence of sexual violence and relationship abuse on our campus, as well as the challenges survivors face in coming to terms with their experience in a society that shames and blames victims into silence. Additionally, we hope to start a dialogue about how these particular forms of violence pertain to gender stereotypes.

We welcome submissions from Amherst College community members, regardless of gender or sexuality, and encourage writers to submit pieces about any aspect of their experience. Below are a few potential topics to consider:

What are your thoughts on this past semester at Amherst?

What’s it like as a survivor to live on a campus that’s constantly talking about sexual violence? Encouraging? Disheartening? Painful?

What most upsets you about how sexual violence is understood or treated in the Amherst community or beyond?

Is Amherst a “rape culture”? Is rape “normalized” at Amherst? How can we change this norm?

Five college students: What has been your experience at Amherst?

What was your experience of suffering sexual violence or relationship abuse? How did you cope or heal? What advice would you offer to others?

What was your experience of helping a friend? What advice would you offer to others?

Thoughts on victim-blaming or slut-shaming at Amherst or beyond?

How are attitudes towards rape and sexual assault at Amherst indicative of a larger, more widespread problem?

What do you think is missing from the conversation about sexual violence at Amherst or beyond? What discussions are we not having that we should be having?

All submissions may be submitted anonymously or non-anonymously by typing or copying/pasting your story in the  submission field below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by emailing storiesfromamh@gmail.com.