I was typing out a graduate school application and as it was relevant to the question, I wrote this:

“The largest challenge I have faced and overcome is that of being a victim of sexual assault, as I can now call myself a survivor.”

I started crying immediately after.

I never thought I’d ever say that, let alone write it. I used the word “survivor” to the few who knew, because it was just the term. That’s what they’re called. (I still can’t say we, but baby steps with progress, I guess.) But saying that specifically, saying that I’m no longer a victim…it’s empowering.

I’m so sorry, for everyone who suffered last year. Believe me, I was assaulted during the craze that was Amherst College’s 2012-2013 academic year. I know.

But as a senior about to graduate just months from now in 2014, I’m just so fucking proud. I survived Amherst College. I survived my assault. And god damn if that doesn’t say some of us can’t make it.

It’s short, but I had to share. We’ve still got a long way to go but hey, maybe there’s some hope yet.