I saw what you did to my friend. You leached off her beautiful soul. You made it seem like she was the one with problems — intimacy problems, alcohol problems, paranoia problems.

But you are a liar. You are a monster. You are the one with problems. Huge problems. I was there
for everything — you stalked her at Amherst, you got men to stalk her when she was abroad, you raped
her, you tried to strangle her. You made her live in fear. You made her bleed. You made her loathe herself.
You made her feel powerless. Like she was the crazy one.
You thought she was weak. That she was going to put up with your abuse, your violence, your aggression.
You couldn’t have been more wrong. She took a stand. For herself. And for every other girl
who you have pushed and will push to the brink of destruction.

You may have thrust her into darkness, but she stepped out into the light and shone it onto you.
— However far you run from Amherst, from that you can never escape.