“Because they thought that it was their fault that they were assaulted and abused.”

Fear of retaliation from the rapist, or his friends.”

“The idea that everyone should pretend to be strong and none is willing to admit one’s ‘weakness.’”

“I think people are reluctant to open up about their experiences because too often, the perpetrator was a close friend.”

Not wanting to feel like a victim.”

“Speaking about the experience makes them re-live the experience and also makes it more real — something they cannot forget.”

“Amherst culture: Drinking = you should’ve been more careful. Which should not be the case.”

“We live on a campus where it is almost impossible to avoid people. If you had to see someone who sexually assaulted you everyday, normalcy may be the only thing to cling to. Telling someone what happened might offset the balance of everyday life and be more than you can handle.”

“Society is sexist, ignorant, and victim-blaming.”

“I don’t know.”