“I would feel less protective of my female friends.”

“I wouldn’t have PTSD.”

“I would always feel safe and not worry about being alone around men.”

“I would feel more comfortable with my body and sharing it with others.”

“I wouldn’t worry about leaving a party without my friends. I wouldn’t be afraid to walk alone at night.”

“I wish we lived in a world where the whole concept of the ‘Walk of Shame’ was unnecessary. No one would ever have to feel guilty or ashamed about having consensual sex. Let’s replace the ‘Walk of Shame’ with the ‘Stride of Pride!’”

“I wish we lived in a world where all sexual encounters were not just consensual but actively desired. It’s crucial for one partner to give the other their permission but there is a big difference between answering someone’s question with ‘okay’ and being eager and excited to say ‘Yes!’ yourself.”