I feel alone
You feel cut to the bone
I want to feel love that has never happened
You want to forget pain that is all too real

I thought you were out of your mind
Even though you have always been kind
You just wanted to protect me
From the sick minds, prying eyes and impatient hands

You trusted them
But they didn’t give a damn
About anything but your body
And their fleeting pleasure

I am now out of my mind
Even though I have mostly been kind
Because I don’t understand why you still blame yourself
Why you have to hide your pain

And I am the only one who knows
That you suffered by hands you hadn’t chose
But you are not the only who knows
When what you want isn’t what goes

And how ugly intimacy can be
How many years later, you still do not feel free
The shame of being abused
The never-ending fear of darkness

I have now put myself to a task
To remove doubt from those who ask
If they did something wrong
And show them they were justified in trusting

And that the world we live in is harsher than it needs to be
I wish you could see
That it’s not your fault
That you are worth more than they would ever know

I feel overwhelmed and wonder
If the world will become free of survivors and perpetrators
And if we can trust each other
And comfortably express love without hurting each other